A Letter To Parents



Dear Parents,

Child sexual abuse is a reality and child sexual abuse is prevalent. P.A.X.A. (Parents Against Child Sex Abuse) is an organization that is dedicated to saving our children from sexual abuse and empowering parents to act locally to prevent sexual abuse in their community.

P.A.X.A. was founded to address the following oft-repeated statistics:

1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused by the time they're 18.

In over 90% of circumstances, the child is being sexually abused by someone they know.

Childhood sexual abuse occurs in all socio-economic and racial groups.

Only 1 in 3 children disclose sexual abuse to an adult before the age of 18.

P.A.X.A. believes that parental awareness and involvement is the key to reducing and eliminating child sexual abuse. Parents need to ask their children questions, maintain rules about what is appropriate vs. inappropriate—and believe their children when they receive feedback that doesn’t comport with what they want to hear. Parents are the ones who can make sure that child-safety rules are followed by close family members, religious instructors and coaches. Parents can hold daycare establishments, Montessoris, and schools accountable to make sure that they have child sexual abuse prevention programs in place to provide for a safe learning environment. Parents have the power—yet most parents do not exercise this power because the thought of child sexual abuse is too horrible to talk about.

P.A.X.A. parents:

Do not remain silent because the topic of child sexual abuse is uncomfortable.

Are vocal and ask questions.

Believe that child sexual abuse is our reality because predators rely on a culture of silence and the status quo to further exploit child-victims.

The P.A.X.A board is made of up of mix of parents; some who uncovered that sex abuse was happening to their child; others that are survivors of child sexual abuse themselves; and supporters who want to do everything in their power to protect their children and other children. We hope that our will to help you as parents comes through on this website. Resources will continue to be made available and rest assured - we are in it for the long haul.

Thank you,





David & Tania haigh

David & Tania are parents who have seen firsthand how damaging childhood sexual abuse can be to victims and their families. In 2017, they launched P.A.X.A. to help parents identify signs of sexual abuse and protect their families from predators.


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