Recognizing the symptoms

Parents need to know that there are symptoms or "signs" associated with child sex abuse. Many parents dismiss these symptoms as "being part of a phase" and try to find other reasons for their child's behavior.  This is why it is critical to understand symptoms of child sex abuse even if your child is not currently a victim. Parents need to know what to look for, because the symptoms vary from child-to-child, age levels, gender and levels of abuse.

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It's not realistic to think that your child will share or disclose to you that he or she is being sexually abused. Kids are often paralyzed with fear and are silenced by the perpetrator. Read here to learn how you can save your child from sex abuse by asking your child the question.


Child molesters are everywhere. In our families, at schools, at church, at our kids' sports organizations and get the picture, right? As parents we need to be on alert that there will always be an individual that will try to trap your kid alone and sexually abuse him/her. These child molesters are effective because they manipulate the parents as well. Equip yourself with the information to learn more about child molester traits so you can save your child from sex abuse.