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Annual Parent Empowerment Program

  • Oak Park Main Library 834 Lake Street Oak Park, IL, 60301 United States (map)

Parents tell us that their biggest nightmare is to learn that their child has been sexually abused. They are paralyzed with fear and don’t know how to get ahead of it—by talking to their kids about body safety; teaching them boundaries and appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior; what to do when a kid tells them that someone has touched them sexually.

To make things worse, the majority of the time the child molester is someone the parents know. That’s right—parents get blindsided and overwhelmed when they learn that someone they trusted is doing the abuse. Sometimes it occurs in our homes, on a family trip or at a block party.

Let’s keep going, we continue to see headlines that the institutions that are supposed to put children first – are actually protecting themselves before the child when cases of sexual abuse crop up. USA Gymnastics, the Catholic Church, Schools, Teachers, Camps  - you get the idea. Spoiler alert: Child Molesters like to be around kids so they can keep their victim pipeline stocked. They are predators who do a good job at coming across “nice” and being “not someone who would do something like that.”

Enter P.A.X.A. Parents Against Child Sex Abuse. We are the bold voice for saving children from sexual abuse. We hold an annual Parent Empowerment Program designed to equip parents on how to talk to your kids as young as two years old; how to identify sex abuse symptoms; and how to navigate reporting and the pursuit of justice. 


Suggested Donation is $30.


1\The Predator is Someone You Know & Predator Tactics


David Haigh

P.A.X.A. Co-Founder, Head of Content

2/ Believing Your Kid & Figuring it Out

Know the Symptoms & Be a Ninja Parent to Find Out If Someone Is Touching Your Kid


Tania Haigh

P.A.X.A. Co-Founder, President & Board Chairman

How I survived child sex abuse


Geriann Wiesbrook

Founder, Military Mama Network & Child Sex Abuse Survivor

3\It’s A Crime - Report It

How the Police Gets Involved in Child Sex Abuse Investigations and What Parents Need to Know about Filing a Police Report

image pc.JPG

Lt. Patty Casey

Commanding Officer, Special Victims Unit, Chicago PD

How to Secure Legal Representation on the           Pursuit of Justice

2408-PH Lavelle Law-KBR-9270-Edit-Edit-2.jpg

Kristina Alkass

Attorney, Lavelle Law

How the County Is Involved in the Process of a Child Sex Abuse Investigation

Stephanie Bylsma

Cook County Child Sexual Assault Victim Witness Specialist

4/There is a Path to Healing For The Child & Family

Dr. Marjorie Fuhjara, Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

Tania Haigh, P.A.X.A. Co-Founder